Find a Partner, Not a Liferaft

Find a Partner, Not a Liferaft

My heart is so full to be back with my husband.

“You are my best friend, my teammate, and my biggest support. Thank you for facing this pregnancy and it’s challenges like a champ. I could not do this life without you.” Pregnancy has been rough so far. I’ve been so so sick — literally projectile vomiting, sciatica, and unable to walk or move some days because of the disc problems in my back. This might be a little too REAL for y’all, but I’m telling you because if pregnancy isn’t all perfect for you, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s just hard. Sometimes life is just hard. That said, if you aren’t married, you’re dating, or you’re enjoying the single life, look for someone that meets you halfway. That is your partner — someone that can lift you up when you’re failing and can accept help when they need it. Someone that strives to constantly be better, to make your relationship better, and to make each of you reach your fullest potential. This is the person you want to marry.

Not the controlling leader, not the malleable follower, not the liferaft to save you, the person that’s going to row the boat beside you and help you when you fall. I feel like being a parent with this guy is going to be incredible.

I struggle with so many things but I have a partner to help me when I’m failing. I married someone that I love and am in love with, but I also didn’t get blinded by smoke in my eyes. I married a man that’s stable and loving, dependable, honest, hard-working, patient, kind, empathetic, and sacrificial. He makes me want to be better. He leads me to be more like Christ. I freak out about having a baby so soon every now and then, but then I remember who I’m having a baby with and I just smile.

We may not have it all together, we may not have a nursery created, or hospital bags, or the house babyproofed, but we put one another first and seek God in our hearts and minds each and every day, so I guess I believe that everything else will just fall into place with a little work. Every day is my adventure with you. I love you Michael.

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