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How to DIY Your Wedding Flowers

When it came to planning my wedding I knew I would have to make budget cuts in places because I wanted a beautiful wedding with champagne taste on a beer budget. Some of the most important things to me while wedding planning for my big day were my photographer, my dress, and my flowers. I knew I wanted breathtaking flowers, but absolutely could not afford a florist, even the most affordable ones. In turn, I began to explore DIYing my wedding flowers. I found a bunch of things online, but nothing really made it simple to figure out.

The month before my wedding we found out there was a nationwide Eucalyptus blight and shortage. My entire wedding reception was planned around bunches and bunches of eucalyptus trailing down the tables and over the white and cream linens.

Welp….that wasn’t happening.

Part of the reason why DIYing my own wedding flowers was expensive, is because I like expensive flowers. I wanted tons of peonies…flowers that grew in our garden growing up….and I wanted anemones (the cool flowers with the black centers) and other beautiful species.

Did you know that trader joes will order flowers in bulk for your wedding?! Well this is where I had planned to get my Eucalyptus, and then it became unavailable and I was screwed. I immediately jumped into disaster prevention mode and started looking for other places to purchase it. I wanted silver dollar and seeded Eucalyptus. The baby blue is too stiff and whenever people include it in bouquets it sticks straight out and looks bad.

Costco was too expensive, as was Sam’s Club but those are other good options. I recommend the following places:

Trader Joes Flowers Fifty Flowers Blooms By the Box Costco Flowers Amazon Flowers Eucalyptus

I ended up ordering my important flowers from a florist ahead of time. I knew that would ensure they would get there, and after price checking with Blooms By the Box, Fifty Flowers, and the New York City Flower Market, it was cheaper to purchase them from the local florist to be picked up in buckets.

I purchased my eucalyptus mostly from Amazon flowers. It got delivered to us and was the prettiest eucalyptus I’ve ever seen. Even in the shortage, they had great great eucalyptus. The silver dollar leaves were hugs and pretty and it delivered in two days. I stopped by my local trader joes and picked up the following:

  • White and Cream Spray Roses

  • White and Cream Dozen Roses

  • White and Cream Filler

  • Green Filler

  • Hypericum berries

Read more about purchasing wedding flowers from trader joes here in my next post. I ordered the following from my florist:

  • White and Cream Lisianthus Blooms ~ 12 Stems/2 Bunches

  • White AND Cream Peonies ~ 30 Stems/6 Bunches

  • White Anemones ~ 8 Stems/1 Bunches

  • White/Cream Ranunculas/24 Stems/3 Bunches

  • Queen Anne’s lace ~ 2 Bunches

  • White/Cream Waxflower ~ 2 Bunches

This plus 4 dozen white and cream roses from Trader Joes, 4 white and cream spray rose bunches, and approximately 60 stems of seeded and silver dollar eucalyptus made the following:

  • 1 bridal bouquet

  • 10 bridesmaid bouquets

  • 2 flower girls bouquets

  • 3 corsages

  • 1 large centerpiece for the head table

  • flowers for the cake

If you are interested in finding out more about how I DIYed my wedding flowers. I will be posting a video on my youtube channel shortly making a bridal bouquet with you!

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