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Premium Starter Kit Contents

find out everything that is included in your Premium Starter Kit!

The Starter Kit is my favorite thing I have purchased thus far because it really has everything you need to begin your journey.

I use thieves and stress away in my diffuser to make my home smell like sugar cookies...without the harmful chemicals and soot entering my little man's lungs. Lavender for skin and sleep support (also amazing in the diffuser) those sweet little foot rubs before bed! Valor is perfect when you need to have a can-do attitude and feel empowered to attack the day....or that pile of laundry... Digize for tummy support. Thieves for daily immune support Panaway on tired muscles Stress Away for a Vacation spa feel in your kitchen before the baby wakes up from his nap. Peace & Calming for a little extra meditation in your crazy life. The perfect beginning to this new journey for you! Let's do this together.

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