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Testing the Efficacy of Household Cleaners

Testing the Efficacy of Household Cleaners

July 28, 2020

Testing the Efficacy of Household Cleaners by Growing Mold and Bacteria I tried to grow mold on bread a couple weeks ago and we experienced some technical difficulties. Welllllll…..the bread bags were ripped open and eaten by my sister in laws labrador.

They do say that labradors will eat ANYTHING….but I didn’t think science experiments and cleaning products counted.

I am testing Lysol, Clorox Bleach, Mrs. Meyers Multisurface, Thieves Multisurface Spray, Thieves Cleaner, Olive Oil, and a control plate for comparison! All the more reason to use plant-based cleaning products in my house 😬😬😬 Anyways, I made this video to show you my update. I ordered Agar plates and re-did the experiment in an even better way using actual agar as a mold and bacterial growth medium.

I chose to test out Thieves against all of these more common products, because a girlfriend said I would love Thieves Household Cleaner. It sounded interesting, but I did not just want to drink the cool-aid of “ooh lets try this great essential oil plant cleaner” and have it not ACTUALLY work.

I was using Mrs. Meyers and Lysol throughout my house, and I looked into the Thieves some more and found out that you can use it as a substitute for everything from toilet bowl cleaner to windex to countertop spray to floor cleaner.

It is free from parabens, pthalates, fragrance, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and basically all the bad stuff. If you don’t know what these things are, then check out my article breaking down the science.

Thieves is a natural cleaner that harnesses the power of plants to not only wipe up messes, but actually kill bacteria and mold. Its combination of oils and plant extracts prevents the harboring of bacteria and mold spores on everything from countertops to clothing fibers to walls.The mold is already growing and I cannot wait to show you the results!



I let them sit for a few more days to just see what would happen. Check out these final results below.

Nothing Applied to Plate

Pure Clorox Bleach

Olive Oil Applied

Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Peony Applied

Thieves Spray Diluted 15:1 Applied

Scrubbing Bubble Foaming Spray Applied

Pure Thieves Applied

I did not test Branch Basics or straight Vinegar, (the main cleaning component of Branch Basics Cleaners) but renowned Microbiologist Dr. Pryor PhD did and her results are shown here


I used to use mrs. meyers on my surfaces and then lysol against big bad bugs like covid-19. i have now switched over to thieves for all my cleaning inside.I think that the Lysol and the Scrubbing Bubbles did quite well. The Thieves blew me away, and I was definitely a skeptic going in.

I had been using Mrs. Meyers for years, and have had my closets stockpiled with Mrs. Meyers Peony to survive the winter months.

Since doing this experiment I have decided to get a Young Living Wholesale membership to receive 24% off my product purchases and have switched all of our soaps, cleaners, sprays, and detergents over to the Thieves line.


If you want to switch over to some Thieves of your own, click the link above.

  1. Click the button

  2. Select “Other Premium Kits”

  3. Check the “Thieves Starter Bundle” option

  4. Complete the Checkout

  5. Enter my member number 23935555 and I will get you hooked up and plugged in to our resource and membership page with all the information on DIYs, hacks to extend your Thieves concentrates and save money, and mental and physical wellness resources!

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