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Veterans Day 2019

So proud of this guy and honored to be his wife.

We were talking this week about the oath that soldiers and officers take when they commission into the Army. What they are asked to do is truly “selfless service”. He works tirelessly each and every day — hours and hours more than the average job. He endures physical pain, extremes of temperature, and extended time away from his family both for their future, and the future of every single person around him. I have so much respect for Veterans and those currently serving. We have been blessed thus far in this journey, but Veterans Day is such a reminder of those that were not as lucky or those suffering in silence. As a member of the mental health community, the percentage of veterans and active duty service members, spouses, and children suffering from PTSD and related illnesses is humbling. The mountains seem insurmountable, and yet we can all make a difference. Help those around you, appreciate those that serve in all capacities, and value our Country — the thing they so sacrificially protect with their lives.

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